The city where you can encounter amazing history and culture. That is Kyoto. The city will offer you new discoveries every time you visit.

 Historically secret legends of temples and shrines, ancestor’s wisdoms remaining at Machiya traditional townhouse, cuisines full of seasonal feelings, Kimono and confectionaries which embody the aesthetics of craftsman…… You can’t discover those hidden charms just by observing them from a distance.

 “Experiencing is believing”!!
 We truly believe that true “WOW!” can only be attained through your actual five senses and first-hand experiences.

 What  I can show you might be merely a small portion of Kyoto in a limited time frame, but I will put my whole heart and mind to make your journey enjoyable and memorable. It would be my utmost pleasure to be your guide if you feel “Kyoto is amazing!” through the tour.


We offer the bilingual (Japanese-English) guide service for the foreign visitors to Kyoto city.
Maximum number of one group is five.
We plan and suggest the itinerary based on the guest’s request, schedule, and the location of the hotel.
On the appointed day, we will be fully attending to you as a guide, and also a translator if necessary.


The name of our company “HIBIKORE” is originated from a Zen phrase of 「日日是好日」 meaning, “Each day is a wonderful day for you.” Our company is aiming at offering the heart-warming guide, full of hospitality mind to make the guests’ day “A wonderful and memorable day” .


Hibikore guide will introduce you what looks amazing, never seen it before, cute and delicious in Kyoto. It would be great if this diary becomes any part of your trigger to visit Kyoto.