Feel the air in Nara

I had a chance to guide two couples, one is from the US and the other from Australia.

They are old friends, both gentlemen used to play rugby. So, the main purpose of their trip to Japan was enjoying the World Cup matches in several cities in Japan. Between the matches, they planned to do some sightseeing, which I joined. I guided them to several spots, including Kyoto, Himeji and Nara.

This picture was taken in front of Todaiji in Nara, another ancient capital with a history of 1,300 years. Nara is a place where Buddhism was first introduced in Japan. We can feel there the depth of people’s faith in Buddhism and how people craved for Buddha’s salvation. At Horyuji temple we met Kudara Kannon Bodhisattva who was so elegant and so merciful. At Todaiji temple I was overwhelmed by the gigantic Buddha statue and I confirmed myself to be just a tiny existence with weakness.

Nara, the city where you can experience a magnificent time trip. I hope to visit Nara again with my guests.