Enjoy traveling with “Daddy friends”

I had a fun opportunity to guide a group of five gentlemen from the US.

I assumed, at first, they got to know each other through their jobs and businesses.
But it turned out that they are “Daddy friends” who got close each other through their kids. They were so frank each other and seemed so relaxed. Possibly, they had got through both happy time and hard time, and grown up as a parent together, supporting each other.

In the morning, we went to “Moss temple” near Arashiyama area. We tried sutra copying in a big hall, sitting on Tatami mat, and then strolled in the temple’s famed moss garden.
Then, we walked through residential area to Matsuo Taisha shrine, one of the oldest shrine in Kyoto established in 701. This spot has been attracting many Sake brewery for its history over 1300 years because the water from the mountain behind the shrine has been believed to have spiritual power to make the best Sake.

That is why we can find so many Sake barrels piled up in the precinct. It is just so interesting to see each labels and I always enjoy telling my guests the story on relationship between Sake and shrine ( and Shinto).

This shrine is very famous and loved by locals but not a touristy spot, which I like. Here they experienced what Japanese people do at shrines and learned what kind of opportunity we visit shrines.
After spending time with these charming gentlemen, I strongly feel that I want to do the same thing with my “Mommy friends” sometime….