After the rain

I had an opportunity to guide a charming and active young couple from Canada.

We had two days tour, Arashiyama and Ohara, both of which are nature walks while visiting some temples.
It was rainy on both days, unfortunately. However, this rainy weather turned out to be such a “positive” factor to make our tours so special.

First day was a tour to Arashiyama. Usually, this sightseeing spot draws so many tourists that it is sometimes difficult to walk smoothly or relax at the site. But it was unusually so quiet, much less people, much less Ricksha and cars running. We could enjoy the sound of rain, the beautiful blossoms of hydrangea, and chirping of the birds in such a calm setting. We could even “dust off” our mind with the rain.

The couple from Canada, who are usually so busy with work and kids, were just so impressed by the foggy mountains and deep green moss with a lot of moisture. Walking through Arashiyama and Sagano, we were approaching to Otagi Nenbutsuji temple, without seeing almost any other tourists, although the sky was cleared up. The couple was wondering “Is this place always this quiet?”. Not, actually! Maybe, we were lucky.

At Otagi Nenbutsuji temple, they looked so amazed by the 1200 Rakan statues with unique expressions. They were even more impressed by the world that is reproduced there, the real Buddha world. Such a special place with otherworldly atmosphere!