Bringing smiles to all family members

I had an opportunity to guide a beautiful family from the US. Since they are a family of four, including two very active kids, they requested to go to a “Monkey Park” in Arashiyama area, very
popular sightseeing spot.

While moving from their hotel to Arashiyama, we enjoyed several kinds of train rides, enjoying seeing some local students and workers on board.
Monkey Park is located on the top of the small hill. To get there, we have to climb the hill through rather steep stairs and paths. On the way to the top, where the monkeys were playing around, I counted the number of stairs together with the kids, and had chats with them about their life in the US, and enjoyed the hill climb together. Monkeys are not rare animal in Japan, in fact, many villagers in the mountain area in Kyoto have been living in harmony with monkeys for such a long time. But for the guests from overseas, monkeys are not so familiar faces. The family were so excited to see them, since it was their first time to see the wild monkeys up close, and they were so delighted, in particular, to see adorable baby monkeys. Also it was so much fun to see a parent monkey grooming her kids, or male monkeys chasing each other over “bossdom”.
Then, we walked across the Togetsukyo bridge, and climbed another hill to get to the observatory spot on top to enjoy the panoramic view of mountain and vally with Hozu river.

Arashiyama has particular area with lots of people and car congestion, but if we go for a little further walk, we can find rich nature which makes kids happy as well as adults.