Two days Full of artistic inspirations

I had a chance to guide 17 ladies from Australia and the US, all art lovers who are full of energy and curiosity.

The tour started under clear sky without any clouds. After breathing in refreshing air while walking through bamboo path in Arashiyama, we headed to Nison-in temple surrounded by colorful maples leaves. There they rang the temple bell to experience the profound resonant sound of the bell, which has been respected as the voice of Buddha. For lunch, we visited Taizoin temple to learn Zen philosophy through Shojin Buddhist cuisine.

That day was concluded by the Atelier visit of natural dye. The next day was again full of inspirations, including antique fabric shop, Furoshiki (Wrapping Cloth) demonstration & shopping, Lunch time at Machiya (traditional townhouse) , and beautiful garden…… They were amazingly enjoying these two days.