Letting our minds be borderless!

I had an opportunity to guide a beautiful family from Sydney. Parents and 8-year-old charming girl. Parents were so worried about her daughter getting tired from the heat, so they requested “two-hour guide for three days”.

On the first day, which was forecasted to rain, we started from Nijojo castle. They enjoyed various kinds of arts there from the paintings, transoms, carvings, to architecture. They seemed to be intrigued by the story that each motif of the paintings and carvings had “hidden” meanings.

After Nijojo, we headed to “Forever Museum of Contemporary Art” in Gion, since they were interested in enjoying art. In this museum, a large number of works of Yayoi Kusama are displayed in a very traditional 104year-old architecture. From her vividly-colored works, they were amazed by the artist’s straightforward expression of “Life” itself, surpassing the differences in religion, nationality, and gender.

All of us felt like our minds being freed or released. We were lucky enough to have a cloudy weather, which gave us some time to walk along the Miyagawa-cho entertainment district, and visit Ebisu shrine to try coin toss to the basket on Torii gate. It was really a wonderful two hour journey.