Spots being instagrammable in Arashiyama

I had an opportunity to guide a beautiful Thai lady around Arashiyama area.

She has some experience as a model and knows everything about how to take amazing photos, by managing from posing and angles to lighting. At first, the spots that I heard from concierge as her requests were only “Tenryu-ji” and “Bamboo Path”. But as we introduced each other and talked over her interests, I have found that she was interested in “The garden where visitors have to pay as much as 1,000yen, but worth while for that.” and “Amazing place which is instagrammable” So I added two spots, Ohkochisanso garden, and Otagi Nembutsuji temple to the original itinerary wishing to delight her.

Otagi Nembutsuji temle is located a little far from central Arashiyama area, and taxi ride on both ways is necessary. Therefore, not many people include that temple in their check list. It is deeper in the mountain area, so we see much less visitors there compared to central area. The green of the trees are deep and refreshing. In the precinct of this temple, there are over one thousand stone statues called “Rakan” meaning disciples of Shaka, the founder of Buddhism, making this place so unique. Actually, only about 30 years have passed since these statue were offered to this temple, but they perfectly blend in this atmosphere of the ancient temple with more than one thousand years of history. Each Rakan has a unique expression. It was as if I could hear their talking and laughing. I could easily share the happy feeling with them. The sound of gushing water from the mountain was completely soothing, washing off the dirt of my mind. Needless to say, she LOVED that place, too!